No More Rogers One Number1 min read


I just discovered that a few months ago Rogers discontinued Rogers One Number service. A few years ago I had reviewed Rogers One Service and it’s issues a few years ago.

I had been unable to use the service for a couple years because apparently it didn’t work with my new plan. Prior to that I had problems with the service not accepting non-Canadian area codes and numbers. Apparently Rogers had decided that forwarding your to a number outside of Canada was unacceptable. This meant I couldn’t connect Rogers One with my Skype number, so the service was dead to me after that. It doesn’t seem like Rogers really focused on improving the service and eventually killed it off as less people got any value from it….

According to the FAQ on service being discontinued many of the features of the Rogers One no longer exist. The one I found most useful was Ring My Numbers, which let you ring multiple numbers at the same time. To create the same experience I think I’d setup my number with a VOIP service and set it up to simultaneously ring multiple numbers ( ie my Skype Number and my Mobile number ).

It’s interesting that Rogers has decided not to support features and try to make them easier to use. I would have thought these communication tools would be right in their product focus but it seems like they’re moving away from advanced call functions.