Rural Canada Post needs work

In Toronto I love Canada Post. They have locations throughout Toronto inside retail partners and generally great customer service. When we bought our cottage last

Rural Internet and Xplornet FTW!

Earlier in year ( right when COVID was happening ) we purchased a cottage on Lake Koshlong. We’d been looking on the lake for a

Welding 101

Over the weekend I did a welding introduction class at The Fortress.  I had touched welding since high school and we did mainly torch welding

MLB Tickets?

Summer means baseball for me and I’ve always enjoyed watching a game on a warm sunny day. In Toronto that means going to the Rogers

Top 9 Chatbot best practices

Chatbots are all the rage right now and it’s not uncommon to see a chat window immediately loading a website.  Chatbots are often heavily supported

3D Printing

Over the last few years I’ve been experiment with the world of 3D printing. About 3 years ago I purchased a 3D printer kit from

Toronto Burritos…

I love Burritos and one of my favourite meals to eat quickly on the go. Toronto has a lot of burrito options, many often have

Loving the bowl

We’re renovating our home so I’ve been spending a lot of time at Home Depot, Lowes or Rona. As a result I’m also eating out

Best Date of Birth Widget

I’m often looking for great user experiences and I recently came across a great date of birth picker while registering for Mogo. Often date of

The Best E-mail Testing Tool

HTML e-mail has come along way but different e-mail clients still load and display HTML emails different. The best way to reduce risk of someone

No More Rogers One Number

I just discovered that a few months ago Rogers discontinued Rogers One Number service. A few years ago I had reviewed Rogers One Service and

Retail Video Games

I hate discs and especially video game discs. They scratch easily and I loose them. All of the consoles only have a single disc slot so switching games always involved ejecting and swapping discs. Even worst if you have a problem with your console and the disc doesn’t eject properly…