Hans Island – A Canadian Response


In case you haven’t been reading the back pages of the news Canada and Denmark have an on going dispute over Hans Island. After a recent visit to Hans Island by a Canadian government office the Danish government has launched protested, which included a Google Adwords campaign. If you search for “Hans Island” on Google you get a message from the Danish government that Hans Island is part of Greenland ( Danish territory ). Several Canadian companies have responded with their own Adwords campaign ( myself included ), here’s some of the ads:

Hans Island – Dispute
Whats the big deal? Everyone
knows it belongs to Canada!

Retire on Hans Island?
Learn to manage your own finances
and retire on your own terms.

So far the Canadian government has not responded, they’re probably still looking for Google in the dictionary, or quickly renaming all the Tim Horton’s Danishes to Hans Islands… Classic Canadian response to a dispute.