Its been awhile since I’ve seen a Bruce Willis film and he as reputation for delivering great action movies. Live Free or Die Hard sure doesn’t disappoint in the action category with some amazing stunts and an action packed plot line. As someone who’s worked in network security and followed the field for awhile it the plot was quite interesting with the bad guys taking over most major computer networks. I thought the interesting part about was this was that rather than relying on some new computer/technology or even aliens, they recruited hackers from around the world to attack components of the computer network. There are many instances where the networks attacked in the movie just wouldn’t be publicly available but I guess thats just Hollywood.

My only complaint with the movie was the number of cheezy moments between the 2 main characters. I’m not really sure the message these scenes were trying to convey but they didn’t come off well at all. There one scene while they are driving to Baltimore that was almost unbearable. Luckily the action keeps the movie fast paced and there are many sequences that were a surprise and not included in the trailer.

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