Michael Moore movies have been a favourite of mine since watching Roger & Me years ago with my dad. He has a great ability to connect with people and provide a direct response to their indignities but I felt that his last movie, was too sensational. I like Michael Moore when he’s using other people to bring across his message and he does a much better job in Sicko. He brings home the problems with the US medical system but interview people most effected by the problem and soliciting requests from the public their own experiences with the different levels of HMO’s, medical insurance and hospital regulations. It was hear about the many situations where good medical service just wasn’t available or affordable.

It really made me proud to be Canadian and take alot of pride in our decision to provide universal health care coverage. Even with the problems of universal health care coverage I know of very few situations where it has let individuals down when it was needed. There may be long waits for less urgent surgery but I believe that more emergency situations are handled well and we are well served by our health care system.

One of the best parts of Sicko is when Michael Moore takes several of the sick American’s he’s encountered who are being denied medial care to Cuba. While in Cuba they receive medical care at a small fraction of the cost of US coverage and they receive quickly without incident. The only sensation part of the movie was when Moore takes his group of Sicko’s to the US military base in Cuba to try to get medical care. Earlier in th movie Moore discussed the level of medical care being offered to the prisoners.

Overall an interesting movie and entertaining movie. I hope its an sign that Moore is getting back to his roots.

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