StartupCampToronto Announcement


StartupCampToronto has been announced after the success of StartupCampWaterloo. The concept is essentially that 5 startup’s get 5 mins each to pitch the audience on their company and get feedback. Kinda like a Dragon’s Den with the audience as the Dragon’s…

I ‘m excited about the concept but a little unsure of the format. As we saw with DemoCamp 5 mins for a good pitch/demo is pretty short. I know companies are suppose to have an elevator pitch but the reality but I think in most cases you have a more than a few minutes to pitch your idea. I have very rarely made a decision on a startup in an elevator ride…

StartupCampToronto is also setting a precedent by charging professionals and services providers who want to profit from startups. Toronto has been having a lot of problems with too many people attending events and large venues being required. I’m not certain that charging just a particular segment is the right approach but we’ll see how it develops.

As an aside I’ll unsure as to which class of ticket I should purchase, I could be considered an entrepreneur with Refresh Partners or SlashID. I could be considered a guru because I do with other startups, and I could be a service provide because startups could require a Facebook Marketing or marketing services. I guess the only thing I am not is a student 😉