First of all, thanks to all of the organizers and volunteers who participated in the planning and running of our event. Your efforts are greatly appreciated and it’s great to see so much support for entrepreneurship.

Facebook Weekend BETA was very productive and a number of different teams made significant progress on their projects. All groups were able to access a Joyent Accelerator account with 12 months of free hosting for their Facebook Applications

Finally, we also had a lot of interest and encouragement from the investor community including Keith Bates from Cinnabar Ventures, Bryan Watson from the National Angel Organization and Robert Koturbash from the Maple Leaf Angels.

We’re looking forward to working closely with these groups and the investor community to ensure their success.

We already have an open invitation from the Maple Leaf Angels to allow one of the teams to pitch angels directly.

We’re looking forward to more great initiatives in 2008 around entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship. Stay tuned!

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