The mesh guys have finalized the MeshU schedule with a great line-up for startups, and anyone building for the web.  MeshU is a one-day seminar, separate from the Mesh Conference, that focuses on web startups.   The day features 12 workshops and 3 streams ( design, development, management ).

I think the series highlights for me are probably Jon Lax, from Teehan+Lax, on getting through the design process.  I’ve gone through several site re-designs both a refresh and previously at Autotrader.  Its a difficult process, or atleast it should be get good results.

The Oauth session with Leah Culver looks pretty interesting too.  I’ve been following Oauth for awhile and how it relates to Identity.  I’d be interested to see how easy it is to implement, especially compared with SlashID integration on

It looks like most of the talks are family platform agnostic but alot of the speakers do develop with PHP and Rails.  Both are great platforms for startups and I think most of the knowledge learned could be applied to .NET platforms as well.  Microsoft also has some free packages for early stage startups to use .NET.

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