Simple solutions to complex problems2 min read


I recently had to send a letter, for the first time in a long. When I was at the Post Office ( I don’t know where else to buy stamps ). I noticed that all Canada post stamps a valid regardless of their value. Instead of having to buy $0.01 stamps when the price goes Canada Post has ey are decided that when you buy a stamp its good until you use. I don’t know the cost to print a stamp but I’m sure its greater than the $0.01 they made up with these interim stamps. I’m also sure that there is not a huge inventory of stamps being stock piled at todays prices with the hope of saving a few cents in the future. Even if people do start to stock pile them they are sure to loose a few. This new policy solves a very old problem with a really simple solution.

Another great example of a simple solution is the TTC transferable pass. For years the TTC invested in identity cards and took photos of people purchasing their monthly passes. Passes were then bound to that particular person and with the intent of getting each person in the household to purchase a separate pass. The result was that people that need to purchase a pass did, and those that used the system rarely did not. They also had to incur the cost of the photo taking equipment and the photo cards. A few years ago the TTC decided to introduce a transferable monthly pass. Anyone can use the pass also as they don’t ‘pass it back’ to someone on the same trip. The pass has been a huge success and many couples and families split a pass. Another good example of a simple solution to a very complex problem.

I think both Canada Post and TTC are great examples of how to solve problems creatively. Are there any others?