IP Law gone wrong…1 min read


Matthew Ingram has a great article about the US Government trying to get control over a trademark controlled by a bike gang.  Matthew compares it to the Al Capone situation with regards to tax evation.  I think its a great example of IP Law gone wrong.  The US Government has put so much effort into IP Law and the DMCA that they are actually a bigger stick than many anti-racketeering laws.   I think its a pretty sad situation and McCain encountered similar problems during his campaign with the extremely restrictive IP Law in the DMCA.

I’m hoping we don’t see a repeat of the DMCA in Canada now with the Harper government tabling an agenda that includes copyright reform.  I think its pretty clear to most people involved with digital media that DRM and unrealistic controls on media are not going to work.  Apple, Amazon and even hopeless Yahoo have all been removing their DRM services in favour of DRM-free solutions.  It makes even less sense to be criminalizing most of society with unrealistic legislation.