Top CNN Technology usage for Obama coverage1 min read


CNN really surprised me today with its use of technology around the Obama inauguration.  There’s 3 main components that I think stand out:

  • Facebook Connect integration, it was awesome watching the video online and getting comments/status updates from your friends or the general public in real-time.  This absolutely made the experience for me and I think it really highlights the future of video entertainment, its social.
  • PhotoSync in 3D, CNN guessed correctly that many people would be taking photos of the inauguration and using PhotoSync its possible to see a moment in time from various angles and photos.  A great use of technology that was powered by many independent people taking photos and sending them to CNN.
  • IReport with Google Maps, CNN also had a real-time map showing different photos and messages as they were received by CNN through its iReport service.  IReport essentially let citizen journalists report on the event either through a message or a photo. The other aspect of the map images was the size  of the crowds, seeing them on TV didn’t really do justice to the amazing mass of people present.

CNN has reset the bar in terms of coverage of major events.  It will be interesting to see if they use the same technology for other events.  It would be great for the Superbowl to have the same coverage…