I travel to the US 2-3 times a year and I want to use my iPhone while traveling. The first task is to understand is your usage.  My typical usage is:

Just traveling to the US with your existing Roger’s plan is going to be VERY EXPENSIVE. Hundreds, maybe even thousands of dollars. DO NOT DO IT!!!! There are a few cheaper options available from Rogers for US travel:

So for under $200, I could survive for a week in the US with my iPhone. It’s still expensive.  I wanted a cheaper solution, so I found that I could get a T-Mobile SIM card. Text messages are a little problematic but Rogers Extreme Text Messaging still allows you forward text messages. My cost breakdown for T-Mobile is:

This allows me to use my iPhone in the US for $44/week for the first week and then $14/week after that. Very reasonable.

There are a few things you need to setup to make this work through:

Before I leave for the US, I set up all my forwarding rules and bring a paper clip to change my SIM when I arrive in the US.

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