Retail Video Games


Video game discI hate discs and especially video game discs. They scratch easily and I loose them. All of the consoles only have a single disc slot so switching games always involved ejecting and swapping discs. Even worst if you have a problem with your console and the disc doesn’t eject properly…’

Since I bought my Xbox One I haven’t bought a single video game disc. Titan Fall came with my system so it’s the only disc in my system.

Unfortunately most of the video game sales are still on physical discs though. I often have to resist buying a game at at 30% discount because it has a discs that I’ll scratch or loose. Most of the time the game goes on sale in the console digital store a few weeks later and I buy a digital version.

I’m surprised that the game companies haven’t started selling media-less games. When I purchase my Xbox live renewal it’s always just a code that I enter into the console. The same approach should work for game purchases. I could get my digital only version and the console’s retail partners could still participate in the sales process.