DemoCampToronto Schedule

The DemoCamp schedule for the fall has been posted to the Torcamp site. If you’re not familiar with DemoCamp is become a great venue to

Toronto International Film Festival

Tonight is the start of the Toronto International Film Festival. As always getting tickets to the shows is a bit of a disaster. From what


Unspace has a great article on what they’re calling LiveSearch. There are few great examples of this display, then filter approach at work. One of

Mark Graham

Mark Graham from Hamilton, Ontario was killed over the weekend in Afghanistan. He was killed by friendly-fire from US Warplanes. I haven’t seen Mark in Reboot has just finished a reboot of their web site. The new site is alot clean than the old one and has much more of v2

We launched the v2 interface today ( hard launch if anyone is following… ) , with a goal to be Canada’s Freshest Source for

Lack of Focus

Over the weekend I was in Montreal and staying downtown at the W Hotel. If you’re familar with the W Montreal you know its very

The Highland Yard

I’m in Minden, ON with my sister and her friend Megan for the Highland Yard.  They’ve decided run in the 5K race even though its

DemoCampToronto8 Review

DemoCampToronto8 took place last night at No Regrets. The usual crowd was all there with the addition of Amber Mac and Leo Leoporte from the

Hard or Soft, how do you like to launch?

There’s seems to be a new approach to launching a website redesign. If you’ve been following the Yahoo home page design since February you’ve probably

CBC + Open Source

Its recently been revealed how the CBC powers its websites using Open Source software. This software is essentially free to use and its continually improved

Canada as a Web Powerhouse

Over the past few months I’ve been very impressed with the quality of startups in Toronto and Canada in general. The list of startups that