MythTV Usability

I’ve been using MythTV for about 2 years now and at times its been a challenge to keep it running. One of the reason I

DemoCampToronto7 Review

DemoCampToronto7 was last night a quite crowed No Regrets. Its a fairly small venue so space was a premium and the demos were a little

My Sister’s Wedding

My sister got married on the weekend and it was a blast. The wedding was up at Camp Wanakita, a YMCA summer came I went


I attended a new marketing event last night, CaseCamp. Based on the popular BarCamp/DemoCamp format its goal is to bring marketing professionals together. It was

Great Ride n Stride 2006

I just completed the Great Ride ‘n’ Stride for Cancer in Hamilton. Its a 20k ride on the Lincoln Alexander, aka the “Linc’, along the

TPMA Presentation

I took part in a panel at last nights Toronto Product Managers Association meeting on building a business case. I’ve developed and executed alot of

Canada’s Web 2.0 Conference

Web 2.0 has reached Toronto and the Mesh conference aims to bring alot of the leading innovators together. The conference is May 16 and 17


Linkedin recently launched a web profile function so you can see my profile without a Linkedin account here.If you’re not familar with Linkedin its a

I am tracking you

You are being tracked by gvisit, see the results here. Gvisits lets you track visits on a Google Map based on their IP address. The

Live Bookmarks

I’ve added support for Live Bookmarks to my site. I really like this feature on other sites that I read cause it lets you see

MythTV Presentation

My presentation at the GTALUG was a relative success. I wasn’t able to get my laptop connected to the projector so I did the presentation

Recent Activities

I’ve been fairly busy with the new job etc.. so the site has been rather neglected. Here’s some of things I’ve been up to lately:


Apparently the english I use is 60% General American English. I found this site through a friend that lets you categorizes you english language habits.

Only 6% of the World

I generally think I’ve travelled alot, atleast more than most. I found a website that provides a map of all the countries you’ve visited. According