Skype Reliability?

For over 2 days my skype account was offline and I was unable to login.  I could reset my password with the password recovery system

The New New Facebook Profile

Here we go again… Facebook has changed the profile page again and decided to roll it out on 60 minutes tonight.  The profile will be

New Facebook Promotion Rules

Promotions on Facebook have been a little controversial over the past few years with Facebook requesting a minimum ad buy to approve the promotion and

The Legality of Groupon?

Groupon has really taken off in Canada.  I think mainly because many popular restaurants have been available as Groupons and that has driven alot of

Campaigning with Social Media

I’ve been watching the Mayoral campaign in Toronto with a lot interest this year, mainly because I wanted to see how the candidates used Social

Why is Point of Sale getting harder?

Like most Canadians my credit card was recently replaced with a Chip Card.  Now my Visa requires a PIN to be entered when the transaction

The Problem with Facebook Groups…

Yesterday Facebook launched an upgrade to the Facebook Group functionality, the details of the new features are available here.   I think the more interesting

iPad Day Two Thoughts, Apps…

Ok, been using the iPad a lot to consume content.  The Apple closedness does kind of get in the way of watching videos but hasn’t

iPad Day One…

I got my iPad today and I spent a few hours using it now. My initial impression is that is a great 2nd device to

Four Square and being Social Mobile…

I was reading Sebastien Provencher’s guest post this morning on the LeWeb’s blog about foursquare and comparing it to Twitter.  I agree with Seb that

Marketing with Facebook Search

For most marketing search engine marketing is a common marketing technique and entire business united have been established to focus on search.   The most popular