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Facebook Page Performance Metrics

Facebook Page Performance Stats

Since Facebook launched Facebook Pages in 2007 alot clients have asked how their page is

Sysomos provides tools for measuring and comparing brand performance among across social media and yesterday released a report on Facebook Pages here:


The report includes the Top 5 pages in each of the Facebook Page categories and includes a comparison between the different categories in terms of overall number of Facebook Fans.  The main advantage that a Facebook offers is the ability to communicate with your “Fan” based using the Facebook Page wall and update channel.   Facebook Pages can also be used with Facebook Applications to provide additional functionality and the basis for more interactive campaigns.

One of the more interesting aspects of the report is the owner generated content and fan generated content.   I believe the ratio between these is a great indicator of the level of interaction your achieving with your Fan base.  It also shows the impact of mass in social media with larger pages ( over 1 Million Fans ) having a much greater Owner to Fan content ratio.

Ebay and Black Friday


Ebay has released a very cool map/video of Black Friday transactions on their website, you can see it here:


If your not familar with Black Friday, its a mainly US phenomia where retailers enter into the “Black” for the year with the beginning of the Christmas holiday shopping. Most retailers offer significant discounts to get people shopping, and it seems that this trend matchs well with Ebay Transactions online.

Of particular interest is the number of Transactions that appear on the East Coast. Ebay original started as on the West Coast but it would appear to be much more widely penetrated across the East Coast of the US or prehaps East Coast retailers are more aggressive with their Black Friday sales/discounts…

Note: This post can also be found on refreshclassifieds.com

New Ascentum.com Site


As most of you know I’ve been working for the last few months at Ascentum and we’ve been working towards a new website. Yesterday we launched new Ascentum.com website, which was a switch from Ascentum.ca and an older CMS system that didn’t feature many social media functions.

The new site Ascentum.com is also supported by a Facebook Page, Twitter Account and Youtube Channel.

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-11-08

  • hmmm, considering Movember… Its a great cause but I don’t think I could deal with Stache… #
  • Do kids not smash pumpkins anymore? I haven’t seen a single smashed pumpkin all day… Just saying, wasn’t tempted to smash any myself… #
  • At the Toronto Innovation Showcase in City Hall Council Chambers, its the calm before the storm… #opendatato #
  • I don’t know the future of government but I’m not convinced that its happening right now in council chambers #

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-11-01

  • Great time at Facebook Garage Montreal tonight, thanks again to all the organizers and speakers! #
  • Just saw the best Mimi-Mouse costume… #
  • Really impressed with Twitter Lists, very simple and smart implementation… #
  • If there were points for bad uniforms the Habs would already be losing… Go Leafs! #
  • #trick or #treat #
  • Even Don Cherry’s suit looks better than the Hab uniforms… #

Facebook Roadmap


Facebook revealed their roadmap yesterday and it includes a number of changes for developers.  Inside Facebook has a create summer here.

I think the biggest change is the consolidation of communications into the Facebook inbox.  Facebook Invites and Notifications are going away and communication will be divided into Inbox communication and Email.  It looks like both channels will feature an opt-in requirement, making app to user communications very challenging in the future.

I think the consolidation of communication is probably a good thing.  Everytime I see a screenshot of someone’s Homepage I always see hundreds of ignored invites and notifications.  I don’t know that the new system will fix that but it should allow users to find these types of communications centrally.

The other change is around the placement of Bookmarked Applications.  It looks like these will be moving from the task bar to right side bar where the feed filters are located now.  Its not clear where the feed filters will be going or how often they are used ( I suspect they are not being used effectively ).

All of these represent another UI change for users though and Facebook has indicated they want to roll-out the changes by the end of the year.  As always it will be interesting to see the reaction from users to these changes…

Facebook Changes with LiveFeed Addition


Facebook released some interface changes last night.  They appear to be:

  • New Group Page design with Tab Interface and strong wall presence.  This makes groups now very similar to Facebook Pages.
  • Addition of a LiveFeed option to the Homepage.   This works similar to the Newsfeed but doesn’t allow the same type of content filtering and the Newsfeed doesn’t seem to update as often.
  • Remove Feature Items, the featured items from the right hand side have been removed.  These were kind of random in any case.
  • Friend Suggest now suggests contacting friends with incomplete or low-Facebook profile usage

The changes are all relatively small but the most significant is probably the LiveFeed addition and it seems users will be defaulting to this in most cases.

The Power of Real-Time Search


For years now Google has dominated the search marketing field.  Its Pagerank algorithm attempts to find content that is the most relevant to the keywords being search.  In most cases this means placing a greater emphasis on older more established content and ignoring the newer content.  This has worked well for most content types except for breaking news and trending items.  When Michael Jackson died a search for “Michael Jackson” was more likely to bring up fan pages than articles around his death.

Enter Twitter and Facebook, for trending topics the social networks have an advantage in that they can see trending topics developing in real-time.  And yesterday they announced a partnership with Bing to power its real-time search component.  This should provide Bing with an advantage in the real-time search market.  Its not clear how big the real-time market is as compared to the more traditional search market that Google dominates.

Its will be interesting to see if Marketers start to place a greated emphasis on purchasing keywords based on real-time trends that be associated with their brands.  The search engines are already well equipped with bid based pricing models to handle real-time price fluctuations in keywords.

One Degree no more…


One Degree announced yesterday that they are stopping production on their site.  I’ve been a long time reading and even contributed some articles a few years ago and it looks like they’re committing to keeping the site up as an archive for now.

I’d really like to thank Kate and Rose for all the time and effort that went into maintaining the site.   They’ve done a great job of since taking over from Ken.

Facebook Garage Montreal – Oct 26, 2009


The agenda for Facebook Garage Montreal has been posted and I’ve been accepted present on ‘Public Involve with Social Media’.  I will be great to talk about my work with Ascentum over the last few months.  The preliminary agenda is:

  • 5pm to 6:30pm: buffet, socializing
  • 6:30pm to 6:45pm: opening remarks – Louise Clements, Head of Sales, Facebook Canada
  • 6:45pm to 7:15pm: first keynote – Hell’s Kitchen: Facebook comme plateforme de jeux vidéos, Emmanuel Delmoly, co-founder Social2U
  • 7:15pm to 7:45pm: Facebook Advertising 101 – speaker to be confirmed
  • 7:45pm to 8:15pm: break
  • 8:15pm to 9:15pm Social Marketing / Facebook Connect
  • 9:15pm to 10:00pm: second keynote – Matt Wyndowe, Facebook (Palo Alto, CA) – Topic to be confirmed

Should be an exciting evening. The event is free and you can register here.

Ted Rogers


I first met Ted Rogers about 10 years ago at a Rogers Wave booth at a home show in Toronto.  I was working with an ISP in Hamilton that was also launching cable modems.   My job at the time was to explain how cable modems worked and the advantages of dial-up and the soon to be released DSL.  As luck would have it Ted chose me to ask about the Roger’s Wave product we were launching.  He made a good impression and I think he really worked hard to understand how technology would benefit individuals.

Happy Canada Day!


I’ve been neglecting this blog for awhile but I’m planning to re-commit as part of my Canada celebration.

Have a great day and expect more posts soon.



Democamp was back on last night at the Imperial Pub. It was back to its root with a small crowded venue with hard to hear and see demos. I think with a 2nd speaker near the back would probably fix all this and the location was certainly work-able. It was also a lot of the Torcamp crowd. It looks like Democamp will be going to a monthly schedule which is pretty awesome and should help new people attend.

I arrived late and only cause the Kontagent demo near the end. I did see all the ignite presentations. One of the most interesting presentations was the N8T TXT project, which sends Haikus via SMS project. I thought it was really interesting that he’s using 416 number to sent a Haiku based on your current location, which you provide in the SMS text. Using a short code for this type of project would have been extremely expensive and using the 416 number gets around that.

There was also a lot of networking at the event and I was able to meet a few of Greg Wilson’s students, some that I’d love to hire 😉 Overall it was great to see Democamp back in action and I’m looking forward to future nights.

Update:  I forgot to mention the Sun “Camera” give away at DemoCamp.  There was a Sun Startup Essentials rep at DemoCamp last night collecting business cards for a server give-away and Mesh ticket draw.   For entering you also received a USB “Camera”, unfortunatel the “Camera” turned out to be USB power flashlight.  I’m wondering if this is actually the Sun Server prize

Top CNN Technology usage for Obama coverage


CNN really surprised me today with its use of technology around the Obama inauguration.  There’s 3 main components that I think stand out:

  • Facebook Connect integration, it was awesome watching the video online and getting comments/status updates from your friends or the general public in real-time.  This absolutely made the experience for me and I think it really highlights the future of video entertainment, its social.
  • PhotoSync in 3D, CNN guessed correctly that many people would be taking photos of the inauguration and using PhotoSync its possible to see a moment in time from various angles and photos.  A great use of technology that was powered by many independent people taking photos and sending them to CNN.
  • IReport with Google Maps, CNN also had a real-time map showing different photos and messages as they were received by CNN through its iReport service.  IReport essentially let citizen journalists report on the event either through a message or a photo. The other aspect of the map images was the size  of the crowds, seeing them on TV didn’t really do justice to the amazing mass of people present.

CNN has reset the bar in terms of coverage of major events.  It will be interesting to see if they use the same technology for other events.  It would be great for the Superbowl to have the same coverage…

IP Law gone wrong…


Matthew Ingram has a great article about the US Government trying to get control over a trademark controlled by a bike gang.  Matthew compares it to the Al Capone situation with regards to tax evation.  I think its a great example of IP Law gone wrong.  The US Government has put so much effort into IP Law and the DMCA that they are actually a bigger stick than many anti-racketeering laws.   I think its a pretty sad situation and McCain encountered similar problems during his campaign with the extremely restrictive IP Law in the DMCA.

I’m hoping we don’t see a repeat of the DMCA in Canada now with the Harper government tabling an agenda that includes copyright reform.  I think its pretty clear to most people involved with digital media that DRM and unrealistic controls on media are not going to work.  Apple, Amazon and even hopeless Yahoo have all been removing their DRM services in favour of DRM-free solutions.  It makes even less sense to be criminalizing most of society with unrealistic legislation.