Facebook Page Performance Metrics

Since Facebook launched Facebook Pages in 2007 alot clients have asked how their page is performing. Sysomos provides tools for measuring and comparing brand performance

Ebay and Black Friday

Ebay has released a very cool map/video of Black Friday transactions on their website, you can see it here: http://www.ebayholiday.com/black-friday If your not familar with

New Ascentum.com Site

As most of you know I’ve been working for the last few months at Ascentum and we’ve been working towards a new website. Yesterday we

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-11-08

hmmm, considering Movember… Its a great cause but I don’t think I could deal with Stache… # Do kids not smash pumpkins anymore? I haven’t

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-11-01

Great time at Facebook Garage Montreal tonight, thanks again to all the organizers and speakers! # Just saw the best Mimi-Mouse costume… # Really impressed

Facebook Roadmap

Facebook revealed their roadmap yesterday and it includes a number of changes for developers.  Inside Facebook has a create summer here. I think the biggest

Facebook Changes with LiveFeed Addition

Facebook released some interface changes last night.  They appear to be: New Group Page design with Tab Interface and strong wall presence.  This makes groups

The Power of Real-Time Search

For years now Google has dominated the search marketing field.  Its Pagerank algorithm attempts to find content that is the most relevant to the keywords

One Degree no more…

One Degree announced yesterday that they are stopping production on their site.  I’ve been a long time reading and even contributed some articles a few

Ted Rogers

I first met Ted Rogers about 10 years ago at a Rogers Wave booth at a home show in Toronto.  I was working with an

Happy Canada Day!

I’ve been neglecting this blog for awhile but I’m planning to re-commit as part of my Canada celebration. Have a great day and expect more


Democamp was back on last night at the Imperial Pub. It was back to its root with a small crowded venue with hard to hear

IP Law gone wrong…

Matthew Ingram has a great article about the US Government trying to get control over a trademark controlled by a bike gang.  Matthew compares it