getting better…

Today we got our annual call from the Yellow Pages Group about advertising in their directories.  We’ve moved offices so we’re probably in the Toronto

Confused users? Just add stickies…

Facebook is trying hard to get users to user and like its new profile re-design.  I think one of the funniest new additions are little

More Visa Frustrations

A few weeks ago I wrote about my frustrations with the CIBC visa opt-out upgrade program.  Since then CIBC and I have parted ways, my

Facebook fixes Application List

One my main frustrations with the new Facebook profile design has been the Application list.  The new design had a menu option entitled “All Appliations”

Thoughts on Google’s Chrome

After trying the IE 8 Beta2 I thought it would be appropriote to talk about Chrome.  My first thoughts after reading the Google Comic was

Thoughts on Internet Explorer 8

Microsoft released Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2 this week with a big push out to bloggers.  As part of my day job at Refresh we

Dr Horrible not so horrible

I agree with Michael Arlington that Dr Horrible is not so horrible.  Jen at work mentioned it a few weeks ago and I was a

Rogers brand assassination

Rogers has recently started ‘helping its customers’ be redirecting search requests to its own landing page with advertising.   They’re even going so far as to


Last night with the 18th DemoCamp in Toronto, I think I’ve been to about 11 since my first DemoCamp around #5.   The venue was at

Distance costs.

Sebastian, over at Praized, has a great post about the “New Inflation “ report by CIBC world markets.  If you haven’t read it yet, I