Mark Graham


Mark Graham from Hamilton, Ontario was killed over the weekend in Afghanistan. He was killed by friendly-fire from US Warplanes. I haven’t seen Mark in years but we grew up together in Hamilton. I think the first time I met him was at the YMCA Camp Kidaca, a summer day camp on the Hamilton mountain. Mark was the kid who could run the fastest and jump the furthest. We also played on the MacNab Recreation Center’s basketball team and Mark was the star forward. And when I arrived at Sir Allen MacNab Highschool, Mark was there again as the track star. We never saw much of each other through Highschool but I can still remember his laugh and great sense of humour. He was a genuinely good person and I’m very sad that our paths will never cross again.

Private Mark Anthony Graham

Update: Mark’s family has setup a great tribute site here:

Private Mark Anthony Graham

A wikipedia page on has also been setup here:

Mark Anthony Graham


  1. War is never the answer to anything. Why did this national athlete end up in the military?

    Why doesn’t Harper send his family to war?

    Very Sad.