CaseCamp Toronto 6 Review


CaseCamp Toronto 6 was last night at the Century Club.   CaseCamp is marketing version of DemoCamp with marketing case studies instead of Demos.

As always the room was packed and there was a lot socializing going on before the event. This time the Century Club was divided so that there was a socializing area and a presentation area to make the mingling easier without all the chairs. I would guess there was close to 200 people there and most stayed for all the presentations.

Eli started the night with announcement that CaseCamp has partnered with nextMedia to provide sponsorship and logistics support. Eli’s has negotiated a deal that will ensure that sponsors are available and the event will continue to be free.

The Cases studies were:

1/ Mobile Marketing for Levis @ Virgin Fest

The Levi campaign revolved around selecting random people at Virgin Fest to be a local Levi spokesperson and be featured in local Levi’s advertising. To be selected as a Spokesperson they got their photo taken and gave them friends a unique code + an SMS short code to vote.

Vortex Mobile ran the mobile campaign and recorded 22,000 SMS votes for the short code and a peak of 24 Facebook groups from people that wanted their friends to vote for them. It was an interesting campaign but I thought it could have benefited from more online support, for example a Facebook Application to let people self-promote would have been great.

2/ is one of the leading green focused blogs and they have recruited writers to provide content around the world on green related issues. Initially they were one of the only green blogs but have had to adapt to a variety of competitors. It was interesting to hear about their focus on getting traffic and their focus on getting articles submitted to different categories.

3/, Comments and Beyond

This case was focused on the and how they added the ability for users to submit comments. The had been struggling with how to enable users comments and maintain its ‘high-touch’ content service with an army of editors. After struggling to review every single comment they have decided on different levels of comment control, some articles have only community comment reporting, others have no comments allowed and some articles have only reviewed comments allowed. It was a good example of traditional media struggling to be relevant in the online world, nothing about it was that exciting and I think it just shows the struggles that the Globe will face going forward.

4/ Will Pate, Community Evangelist

The last case study was a little different in that it feature Will Pate and his process to become a community evangelist for Flock and now ConceptShare. Will is only of the most networked people I know and spends a lot of his time networking with people online and off. One message area I thought was really interesting was his messages about being authentic and being present. I think a lot of people seem to forget the being present part of the process and lose relevant conversations that eventually isolates them from their community.

CaseCamp was another great night and with the exception of all the pillars the Century Club was a great venue. I’m interested to see how the relationship with nextMedia will impact things and if it means we’ll see CaseCamp events more often.