Since setting up and regretting Rogers One a few months ago my Roger’s value plan has been steadily shrinking. ┬áMy original Smartphone Value plan in December 2011 was:

My plan was $20/month and satisfied my needs. At no point did I request my value plan to be removed or changed.

On February 2011 it was changed to:

Notice the removal of unlimited Unlimited Sent Text, Picture & Video Msgs, as a result I was charged $12 in Feb 2012 for text messages ( which were reversed in March ). Note, the bonus Ringback feature, which plays a song to people that call me…

By April 2012, my plan had morphed into:

Now I have visual voicemail, which basically means I see and store voicemails on my iphone. Gone is the Voicemail to text feature, the most useful voicemail feature I get. It would appear that the Ringbacks is now also gone, but I get Live + On Demand Mobile TV. I have no idea what Live + On Demand Mobile TV involves but watching TV on my phone is not overly interesting. Oh and my plan is now $20.74… The voice mail to text feature is a $6/month add-on, not available in a value plan.

Again, at no point did I request my plan to be changed. I’ve called 5-6 times trying to get my plan restored and now I’ve had to file an escalation with the Rogers Gods to have it restored. I should know in 3-5 business days if my sacrifices have appeased them… Other I think its time to explore the wireless market in Canada.

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