Democamp Toronto 28

Last night was Democamp 28 at Ryerson University.  It was my first time attending a Democamp there and the venue was a theater format with the crowd very separate from the presenter.  This is great for viewing the presentation but it made for a less interactive Democamp.  As a result there was very little heckling or crowd interaction…


The evening opened with a presentation by Mark Ruddock, which seemed to be a bit of a rehash of his StartupWeekend presentation last year.  You can get the idea here if you do a search/replace of “VC” with “Startup” from his presentation here.  The most insightful content was during the QA afterward, that’s really where you got the impression that Mark has a lot of experience developing startups.   I particularly liked hearing how he grew Viigo using co-branded partnerships.

Facebook Developer Garage Toronto – Oct 21, 2010

It’s been a while since the last Facebook Developer Garage Toronto. Come meet with fellow developers, marketers and agencies, members of the Facebook community in Toronto.   Formerly we called these Facebook Camps and its a great free event for Developers and Marketers.  The evening is free to attend and we have a great line up so far:
6:00 – Doors open – Social/Mingle/Get a seat
6:30 – Introduction
6:35 – Facebook Canada – TBD
7:00 – Iskandar Najmuddin – Syncapse
7:15 – Colin Smillie – Open Graph/Group API
7:30 – Oz Soloman – Social Graph Studios
7:45 – Eli Singer – Entrinsic
8:00 – Daniel Patricio – Orange Rhino Media
8:15 – Social / Mobile Integration – Vortex Mobile
8:30 – Social & Drinks at Pogue Mahone

**There is no guest list for this event – first come first served, doors will close when the venue is at capacity**

Facebook Garage Montreal – Oct 26, 2009

The agenda for Facebook Garage Montreal has been posted and I’ve been accepted present on ‘Public Involve with Social Media’.  I will be great to talk about my work with Ascentum over the last few months.  The preliminary agenda is:

  • 5pm to 6:30pm: buffet, socializing
  • 6:30pm to 6:45pm: opening remarks – Louise Clements, Head of Sales, Facebook Canada
  • 6:45pm to 7:15pm: first keynote – Hell’s Kitchen: Facebook comme plateforme de jeux vidéos, Emmanuel Delmoly, co-founder Social2U
  • 7:15pm to 7:45pm: Facebook Advertising 101 – speaker to be confirmed
  • 7:45pm to 8:15pm: break
  • 8:15pm to 9:15pm Social Marketing / Facebook Connect
  • 9:15pm to 10:00pm: second keynote – Matt Wyndowe, Facebook (Palo Alto, CA) – Topic to be confirmed

Should be an exciting evening. The event is free and you can register here.

Happy Canada Day!

I’ve been neglecting this blog for awhile but I’m planning to re-commit as part of my Canada celebration.

Have a great day and expect more posts soon.


Democamp was back on last night at the Imperial Pub. It was back to its root with a small crowded venue with hard to hear and see demos. I think with a 2nd speaker near the back would probably fix all this and the location was certainly work-able. It was also a lot of the Torcamp crowd. It looks like Democamp will be going to a monthly schedule which is pretty awesome and should help new people attend.

I arrived late and only cause the Kontagent demo near the end. I did see all the ignite presentations. One of the most interesting presentations was the N8T TXT project, which sends Haikus via SMS project. I thought it was really interesting that he’s using 416 number to sent a Haiku based on your current location, which you provide in the SMS text. Using a short code for this type of project would have been extremely expensive and using the 416 number gets around that.

There was also a lot of networking at the event and I was able to meet a few of Greg Wilson’s students, some that I’d love to hire 😉 Overall it was great to


Last night with the 18th DemoCamp in Toronto, I think I’ve been to about 11 since my first DemoCamp around #5.   The venue was at the SuperMarket restaurant/bar on Augusta.  The venue was way too small for the event, even though the SuperMarket does have awesome food.   The Supermarket even ran out of beer glasses with so many people enjoying the night.

The Demo’s for the nite were:

1/Refesh Analytics by Roy Pereira

As a partner in Refresh it was a good opportunity for us to demo our Facebook Analytics tool and showcase some of the new social influencer metrics we’ve added for applications.   I think Roy did a good job of covering the product and I think most people quickly understood our focus with.  I was little surprised that nobody asked about the business model.

2/BluePrints by Chris Gurney

Blueprints is a product to help business capture requirements more effectively.  Its combines a the components of a product requirements document with the ability to mockup a user interface.  The tool can then export the requirements as a requirements document, ULM and other formats.  Apparently it will also export test cases too.  I liked the demo and I think its a great

MeshU Schedule

The mesh guys have finalized the MeshU schedule with a great line-up for startups, and anyone building for the web.  MeshU is a one-day seminar, separate from the Mesh Conference, that focuses on web startups.   The day features 12 workshops and 3 streams ( design, development, management ).

I think the series highlights for me are probably Jon Lax, from Teehan+Lax, on getting through the design process.  I’ve gone through several site re-designs both a refresh and previously at Autotrader.  Its a difficult process, or atleast it should be get good results.

The Oauth session with Leah Culver looks pretty interesting too.  I’ve been following Oauth for awhile and how it relates to Identity.  I’d be interested to see how easy it is to implement, especially compared with SlashID integration on

It looks like most of the talks are family platform agnostic but alot of the speakers do develop with PHP and Rails.  Both are great platforms for startups and I think most of the knowledge learned could be applied to .NET platforms as well.  Microsoft also has some free packages for early stage startups to use .NET.


Last night was StartupCampWaterloo and I made my first trip out to the Waterloo Acceleration Center. Having gone to a lot of events around Toronto the Waterloo Acceleration Center is awesome, with an open lobby area for presentations. I think there was about 80 people in attendance but it was still an intimate environment for the Q&A.

Stefanus Du Toit provided the first presentation as an overview of this experience with RapidMind. I haven’t heard of RapidMind before and seems they provide tools for rapid development of 3D environments. They’ve done work with the IBM cell processor and a variety other GPUs.

In keeping with the Barcamp theme, everyone that wanted to present needed to pitch the crowd with a 60s overview of the presentation. I think there were about 8 companies/groups that wanted to present and in the end 5 presentations went forward.
The presentations were:

SlashID by Ross Bennett

I’ve worked with Ross before and I’ve been involved with SlashID for awhile. For disclosure, I am also an investor in SlashID. I think the original plans was for a 15 min presentation and it ended up being 5 mins, with 10


DemoCampToronto17 was last night at the Board of Trade.  It was a packed house again with tickets selling out a few weeks ago.  About half the crowd was new to DemoCamp again.  It’s a strange trend that so many new people are coming out.
The Demo’s for the night were: by  Kaitlyn McLachlan, Clear Sky Media is an online survey tool, similar to survey monkey and a lot of the other online tools.   The interface and the process for creating the survey is really what sets it apart from competition.  The interface looked really great and I having struggled  with other solutions I can see how it could have an advantage. by  Pema Hegan and Noah Godfrey is a recommendation based social network.  You can ask your friends to give you a recommendation on different services or see which services your friends are recommending.   Having tried a few recommendation based services in the past I think it’s a very competitive market.  Services like Yellow Pages can easily add user reviews and start competing, for example already has a basic review engine and friend network.

Mono Project .NET by Geoff Norton
The Mono project provides a open source .NET

PodCamp Toronto

On Saturday I attended the PodCamp Toronto at Ryerson University. I’ve been to a lot of Toronto events but I was surprised to see and meet a lot of new people. The Podcast community is defininetly a different one from the other Toronto events. The event also attracted a good number of out of town people. I met a few people from around Ontario that made the trip in for the weekend.

The event featured 4 tracks across 2 floors in the Ryerson Buinsess School. In keeping with the Podcasting theme most of the presentations were video and audio recorded. It was uncommon to see people in the hallways doing some adhoc interviews and podcast recordings. I’ve never produce my own Podcast but it was sure inspirational to see all the people doing it.

I ran a session on Facebook Marketing, which ended up being good discussion about options for marketing podcasts inside Facebook. I haven’t figured out where to put my presentation yet but I will put it online somewhere.

Flash in TO v66

I went to Flash in TO again last night, which turned out to be about all things not flash. There was a good crowd of people there and free pizza for everyone. The event also featured a little bar which makes for a good night. The presentations for the evening were:

Unity 3D by Cam Warnock

Cam presented the Unity 3D environment and library. His presentation was following the Pecha Kucha style so it was pretty rushed. He gave a quick overview of the Unity 3D capabilities, the developer IDE, down loadable modules and the network functionality. I was disappoined that there wasn’t a question period after. I would have liked to find out what % of browsers have the Unity 3D module already installed. I expect it is small and most designs will need to consider that the 3M+ download will need to installed before interacting with the user.

FlashPress by Alex and Raz (sp?) from

The idea behind FlashPress is to develop a WordPress front-end that is based on Flash. The Wordpress backend could be used for the content management but a Flash front end would handle the

StartupCampToronto1 Review

StartupCampToronto was last night and it was awesome. A much more business focused crowd than DemoCamp, the crowd was a mix of startups and funding options. It was a No Regrets, which is a more intimate environment to have a drink and watch the presentations.

The presentation line last night was as follows:


I’ve seen Freshbooks present many times and even tried using their software. I didn’t really liked the direction they chose in their pitch as a more service oriented, high touch, service offering. In using their service it does work quite well and eliminates a number of problems for small businesses. Their Q&A session also focused around how to grow the business while maintaining
the same level of service. I think there are some great opportunities for them to grow their business through partnerships and channel sales.


Defensio is a tough situation in that they are competing with a free service from wordpress to prevent comment spam. Their algorithm focuses on eliminating spam and false positives through a more detailed analysis of the blog content. I thought it would have been good to high light the accuracy difference between Akismet (

DemoCampToronto16 Review

DemoCampToronto16 took place on Monday night and was back at the Board of Trade. The BOT is a great venue but seems to bring out a lot of people in suits and create an overall
more formal atmosphere. I was again surprised at the number of new DemoCamp attendees. I’m not really sure why DemoCamp always seems to always have about 50% new people…

The demo line-up was as follows


I’ve been working with SlashID for about the past year on their business model and marketing strategy. The technology is very cool and it really empowers the user with their identity information but it doesn’t make for the most interesting Demo. Ross and Zeev did a good job of covering the advantages of SlashID.


Igor presented the Utest software to teachers that want to students to solve a programming assignment. Igor’s demo was very slick and it looked like he had an eclipse pluggin setup for the assignments. I’m not a huge fan of eclipse or IDE’s in general but I thought it was pretty cool that Utest pluggin worked within the IDE.

FacebookWeekend BETA

I got to present on the Facebook

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