refresh partners has been working with Innovation Toronto to help organize a weekend focused around developing Facebook applications.  FWB ( Facebook Weekend Beta ) is a combination of the Barcamp adhoc unconference and the StartupWeekend concept. It brings together entrepreneurs, Facebook developers, and designers to create products over a weekend. It’s a fun (and productive) way to spend a weekend and a great way to build an app, start a company, or meet talented people.

Anyone can participate, whether you already have a team and an idea or if you want to lend your talents and join a group. At the end of the weekend, teams present their applications and business plans to a panel of experts including venture capitalists, successful entrepreneurs and Facebook industry experts. Teams have own their idea and decide how to they want to develop the idea/company or project.


To find out more check out the Innovation Toronto Facebook Weekend BETA web site:

Check out ideas/groups and companies that forming here:

And register for the event here:

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